About 2.0

This is the impact-acceleration stage of a previous project led by PI Gregory Radick , Centre for History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Leeds Co-I Mrinalini Kochupillai, and in collaboration with Rugmani Prabhakar and Prabhakar Rao from the Art of Living (AoL) Foundation.  The project aims to understand how policy in India can incentivize innovation with indigenous varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains.

Indigenous varieties depend on local traditional knowledge and have been adapted for growth in local soils and climates.  As such, their promotion has the potential to give struggling farming communities a distinctive commercial niche, a renewed sense of dignity, and improved capacity to adapt to climate change.

Through post-doctoral research associate, Natalie Kopytko’s interviews with farmers across India and the Sustainable Seed Innovation Round-table, the previous project generated a set of new proposals for maximizing public credit for individuals and groups who innovate with indigenous seeds.  This next phase will put the proposals into action, through the writing and publicizing of a White Paper, the web-based dissemination of the stories of innovative farmers, and the holding of a second conference.

For more information:  Concept Note and Agenda: Sustainable Seed Innovations 2.0

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